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Turmeric Fusion Pasta

This recipe came to me while I was driving home today and listening to CBC radio discussions on the rise of attacks on Asians across the world. For me food is a way that I show love to people. So here is my love served up on a plate. Be nice to each other.

Turmeric Pasta Fusion


Boil pasta in water with 1tsp truly turmeric added and boil until en dente. Strain

(Save 1/2 cup of the boiled pasta water for later)

In a skillet: add over medium heat

3 cloves garlic sliced

a small pinch of grated ginger

1 tbps olive oil

saute until lightly browned

Then add

4-5 shiitake mushrooms sliced

1 tsp sesame oil

1tsp Truly Turmeric with black pepper

1 tbsp soy sauce (or soy cause alternative)

a sprinkle of black pepper

Saute until tender and sauce is well absorbed.

Add in the pasta and the reserved pasta water, cook for a few minutes and stir everything together.

Serve and garnish with chilli flakes, parsley and green onion (I didn't have sesame seeds, but I think that would work soooo well).

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