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We are so excited to introduce Truly Turmeric by Naledo!

We are excited to bring you an amazing product while affecting positively the farmers and youth of Belize.

As we were looking for new ideas to create jobs based on the best that Belize had to offer, I met Mr. Williams. His turmeric (yellow ginger) was of exceptional quality and more importantly he had produced it for over 65 years without any herbicides, pesticides or watering.

We knew that here was the opportunity to develop a real and responsible social enterprise. A business that would help farmers earn a real income, employ youth, and improve health in Belize and around the world.

Naledo is a family owned and operated social enterprise. We are committed to being a better business for better lives.

Our core values guide everything we do and help us stay true to our goals of providing products that improve health, are sustainable, and empower communities.

We currently have offices in Vancouver, Canada and Punta Gourda, Toledo, Belize.

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