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Truly Turmeric Whole-root
Turmeric Paste *Original

Ditch the powder and get the whole root! Truly Turmeric is delicious, healthy, and easy to use. Our original recipe is a zesty mix of wildcrafted whole root turmeric, cold-pressed coconut oil, fresh lime juice, and sea salt. Just add a spoonful to any recipe, it's that easy! 

Our special variety of wild heirloom alleppey turmeric contains 7.6% curcuminoids, some of the highest in the world!

Available in 3 diffrent sizes!

125g/4oz - A great starter size

235g/8oz -Our most popular size

470g/16oz - Best value

Ingredients: Wild crafted whole turmeric root, cold-pressed coconut oil, fresh lime juice, sea salt, citric acid.
HACCP, FDA registered.
Product of Belize

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