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Mamajee's Kitchen Indian Cookbook

The best Indian cookbook you will ever find! We are totally biased Lella Umedaly is Umeeda's mother and Nareena's grandmother. Learn how to cook delicious curries and use your Truly Turmeric paste.

Indian Cooking from Three Continents
Lella S. Umedaly and Muneera U. Spence


Mamajee's Kitchen Cookbook contains eight sections and over 90 recipes. The sections include: Appetizers, Meat/Poultry Dishes, Seafood/Fish Dishes, Vegetable Dishes, Rice Dishes /Breads, Pickles/Chutneys, Desserts, and Drinks.

This cookbook has evolved from the tastes and influences of three continents and a very large family. The foundation was laid in India, the home of our ancestors; elements were added in Africa, the continent that my people adopted for three generations; and the final touches came from Canada, the country we now call home. Each continent influenced my cooking so much that there is a significant difference in the ingredients, taste, look, aroma and texture of the dishes.

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