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Truly Turmeric Whole-root
Turmeric Paste with Black Pepper

Ditch the powder and get the whole root! Truly Turmeric is delicious, healthy, and easy to use! We've added forest grown tellicherry black pepper to boost the bio-availability of the curcuminoids found in turmeric. Smooth and adds a great depth of flavour to any dish. Just add a spoonful to any recipe, it's that easy! 

Our special variety of wild heirloom alleppey turmeric contains 7.6% curcuminoids, some of the highest in the world!

Available in 3 diffrent sizes!

125g/4oz -A great starter size

235g/8oz -Our most popular size

470g/16oz - Best value 

Ingredients: Wild crafted whole turmeric root, cold-pressed coconut oil, fresh lime juice, black pepper, sea salt, citric acid.
HACCP, FDA registered.
Product of Belize

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