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Our Story

NALEDO is a social enterprise founded by mother- daughter team Umeeda and Nareena Switlo. Being a better business for better lives means sourcing sustainably and partnering with hundreds of small-scale growers to ensure we have a positive impact from forest to fridge.

Our Vision

We want a world where food is sourced responsibly, everyone has access to a sustainable livelihood, and our environment is thriving.

Our Mission

We are committed to being a better business for better lives by providing delicious products that are healthy, sourced and produced sustainably, and empower the communities we work with.

We are creating a more sustainable and equitable supply chain.


Naledo's Spices Journey




Take a look at a special turmeric pick up!

Traditional Journey of Spices


Spice Auction House

Spice Traders





Sustainable Sourcing

Careful Selection of Suppliers

Truly Turmeric is truly sustainable from forest to fridge. 

Turmeric grown with no Agricultural Inputs! Our unique method of wild crafting means we do not require any additional agricultural inputs, not even watering! Our coconut oil, limes, and black pepper are also sourced directly from other Belizean producers that maintain sustainable growing practices. 


Empowering Communities 

Direct Trading

Our Growers earn 6 x more than the fair trade price for fresh turmeric. We direct trade so that our supply chain is more equitable and puts more money in the hands of the people that grow our food, rather than middle trading agents. It's a win-win! Growers get paid fairly for their hard work and we all get amazingly fresh turmeric! With this extra income growers are able to invest in quality education, health care, improved nutrition, and much more building a brighter, secure future for their families and communities.

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