What drives us...

Our Vision


We want a world where food is sourced responsibly, everyone has access to a sustainable livelihood, and our environment is thriving.


Our Mission


We are committed to being a better business for better lives by providing delicious products that are healthy, sourced and produced sustainably, and empower the communities we work with. 


We want to make a healthier you, easier!


Truly Turmeric uses the whole root, no powders, to ensure the natural compounds remain potent and intact. We combine whole turmeric root with cold-pressed coconut oil, fresh lime juice, and sea salt.


Truly Turmeric is delicious and makes accessing all the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits of turmeric as simple as adding a spoonful to any recipe.


 Our team actively creates, maintains, and trains for a culture of food safety.


From jungle to table we aim to reduce our environmental footprint wherever possible and are always looking to improve our practices.


When we started we had a choice… to farm or not to farm. That is when we discovered wildcrafting and small-scale biodiverse growing. Instead of buying our own land and producing our ingredients ourselves, we decided to partner with over 300 Belizean growers. Our growers either harvest turmeric growing wild on their land or in-between their organically grown cacao or other crops. Limes are from trees that grow in families’ backyards. We visit each grower to ensure that there are no agricultural inputs, do regular soil testing, and provide training and access to educational resources.


In the production facility we try to avoid plastic whenever possible. If we can’t we try to upcycle – like creating a vertical community garden from coconut oil bottles. 

Empowering Communities

We believe in a brighter future for all.


At Naledo our operations are run by our incredible team of youth between the ages of 18 and 30. We provide training and mentorship on everything business, from accounting to marketing. It is our hope that as each team member grows with us they branch out and start their own social enterprise or influence other businesses, increasing our impact.


All of our ingredients are ethically sourced in partnership with Belizean growers. With this extra income growers are able to invest in quality education, health care, improved nutrition, and much more building a brighter, secure future for their families and communities. 


We inspire youth by speaking at schools, creating space in our community garden for school groups to learn how to grow food, and providing scholarships for post-secondary education. 


 Naledo Foods and Beverages Inc. 

Vancouver, Canada and Punta Gorda, Belize

Terms of Service

   Healthy, Sustainable, Empowering Communities

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