• Naledo has partnered with a womens group in Belize to make the most beautiful turmeric soap! A great head-to-toe bar that will make you feel squeeky clean!  Produced sustainably and in small-batches.


    This bar is perfect for combination to oily skin, formulated to sooth irritaions, calm, and brighten skin!


    Made with all-natural ingredients:

    • Coconut oil
    • Truly Turmeric paste (wildcrafted turmeric root, coconut oil, lime juice, sea salt)
    • Marigold Flowers- great to sooth skin and adds a lovely scent 
    • Cinnamon
    • Seawater 


    *The soap suds can be slightly yellow due to the turmeric, but it will not stain skin. 

    All-Natural Turmeric and Marigold Soap

    SKU: turmeric soap


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