Introducing team Naledo. We are team of young, passionate, and extremely awesome people in Canada and Belize working together to produce the best turmeric paste on earth, while making a positive impact in our communities and our environment! Thanks for supporting us!

Umeeda has enjoyed a varied career that includes working as a marine biologist, entrepreneur, concert promoter and artist manager, non-profit and international development sectors.  Umeeda created Truly Turmeric and manages operations in Belize. 


Umeeda Switlo

Belkis is from Mafedi in Belize. She loves to cook and one day hopes to open a restaurant. Her passion for food makes Belkis the perfect production manager! She is always experimenting with new ways to use our turmeric.

Production Manager


I am a Vancouver based Graphic Designer from the West of Ireland and a recent graduate from one of Irelands’ leading design schools, Limerick School of Art and Design. I'm excited to join team Naledo to share recipes, stories from our growers, and connect you all to our social enterprise.

Marketing Assistant


My Name is Lionel Sanchez. I live in the beautiful town of Punta Gorda. I have a great passion for farming and shipwright. My dad and I work hand in hand to let our family farm be a wonderful place to spend quality time. At Naledo Belize, I really enjoy what I am doing. On my holidays, I engage in art and wood work.


Shawn D

I am from Eldrige, Belize. I have done so many jobs from construction to underwater dredging and farming. I have a son who is 6 years old . I am of East Indian origin with a bit of Spanish blood. At Naledo I am learning labelling and enjoying my work. An interesting day was when a snake was at the office door. I surprised the team by catching it. You should have heard all the screams.



Bella (Nature Relations) and Finn(Security)  help keep the team safe, entertained, and ensure we take care of the environment. They really care that Truly Turmeric is made sustainably. 

Nature Relations + Security

Bella + Finn

She is an experienced project manager and business development specialist with a background in Anthropology.  She has worked with innovative organizations in Zanzibar, Kenya, Ghana, India, and Canada. At Naledo Nareena manages sales, distribution, and marketing.


Nareena Switlo

David is from Forest Home, Belize. He brings to Naledo strong knowledge in business administration, financial, tourism and human resources management. He is currently a Justice of the Peace.

Office Manager


My mother use to make coconut oil to sell in the caye where we lived. From her labour she bought her own property and built us a home. My father was also a hard worker he taught us that respect is very important and to always work decently. I now work at Naledo Belize where I know I will excel.

Assistant Production Manager


I am from Santa Cruz village and am Mopan Maya. My father has been growing turmeric for many years. I enjoy working with our village when we do our community work called a fajina. We get together and help others and keep our community safe and clean. My passion is cooking and I enjoy trying to cook new foods. I'm happy working making Truly Turmeric for you.



I recently joined Naledo and am really enjoying going lime hunting and receiving the turmeric from our growers. I studied Agriculture in Corazon. I have worked in a bike shop and a hardware store in Punta Gorda. I have a 4 year old son. I love farming and hope to have a farm of my own someday.




 Naledo Foods and Beverages Inc. 

Vancouver, Canada and Punta Gorda, Belize

Terms of Service

   Healthy, Sustainable, Empowering Communities

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