Our Growers

Naledo is proud to partner with over 350 Belizean growers to make Truly Turmeric! Our growers either harvest turmeric growing wild on their land or in-between their organically grown cacao or other crops. Limes are from trees that grow in families’ backyards. We visit each grower to ensure that there are no agricultural inputs, do regular soil testing, and talk to families about their goals for the future! With this extra income growers are able to invest in quality education, health care, improved nutrition, and much more building a brighter, secure future for their families and communities. 

We work some inspiring families, click on each photo to learn more....

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 Naledo Foods and Beverages Inc. 

Vancouver, Canada and Punta Gorda, Belize

Terms of Service

   Healthy, Sustainable, Empowering Communities

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